About Christine Walker

My clinical qualification is a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change (Psychotherapy), gained from the Jansen Newman Institute (JNI).  I also received the JNI Academic Achievement Award and the David Jansen Differentation of Self Award and hold the following Certificates of Attainment:

  • Bereavement Counselling;
  • Hope and Resilience;
  • Knowing and Not Knowing: Intimacy and Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life;
  • Narrative Therapy;
  • Palliative Care Perspectives;
  • Sexuality, Body Image & Intimacy in a Palliative Care Setting;
  • Sudden Death;
  • Understanding Grief and Bereavement;
  • Working with Bereaved Children.

As the above certificates may suggest, as well as general counselling, I am passionate about working with clients who are experiencing a health crisis; grief and loss (including relationship, emotional and physical loss) and bereavement.  I have vast personal and clinical experience in working with adults living with terminal illness, dying adults and their families, and children living with sibling disabilities.

“Walking the road of grief doesn’t have to be walked alone”- Zigler

Practicing in a rural setting at Kenthurst, I offer a safe place, sometimes in my office, sometimes beside the reflection pond, for you to share your experiences.

I offer warmth, neutrality, cultural sensitivity, genuineness, transparency, unconditional positive regard, congruence, empathy and acceptance. I work from a platform of integrity and respect your autonomy, uniqueness, dignity and equality.

I listen without judgment and respect and honour your confidentiality.  I know that if you are to trust me and explore your suffering, you must know that your sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary experiences will remain safe within the healing space.

I work eclectically, using various psychotherapy models and techniques that are important but secondary to my connection and interaction with you. I believe that counselling and psychotherapy should not be driven solely by theory and techniques but rather, the therapeutic relationship.

“When problems arise in relationships; they have to be healed in relationships” - Unno

I am also available to:

  • accompany clients to doctors' appointments (two heads, two sets of ears, can be better than one!);
  • join clients while they attend chemotherapy or radiotherapy;
  • support clients as they shop for a wig;
  • visit clients in hospital or at home;
  • maintain contact when treatment finishes and clients are ready to resume everyday living;
  • support clients and their loved ones for the last phase of life if a return to health is not possible.

As part of my continuing professional development, I attend regular supervision, workshops and seminars in human change.  And, in keeping with my values surrounding the importance of community, I provide counselling services to the Crows Nest Centre on a voluntary basis.

I am registered with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of N.S.W. (CAPA) and have a Certificate for Self Employed People in Child Related Employment – Certificate number EBA89C/23/12/2009.