Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are similar yet different healing practices that often blend while focusing on the client's personal world.

Counselling, often described as the client and the therapist working towards solving a specific problem, is a process that demonstrates the power of being heard and understood.

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling except that it respectively works at a deeper level.  It often results in clients gaining awareness surrounding the sometimes unconscious reasons for their misunderstandings about themselves and others; their reactions to different situations or others; and their patterns of behaviours that often stem from childhood experiences. It aims to help clients integrate and align their thoughts and feelings from which authenticity and individuality can occur.

"When you know what you feel and understand why you feel it, you are likely to be more confident, solid, at ease with yourself" - Burka & Yuen

Counselling and psychotherapy recognise that human suffering can limit individuals’ completeness of mind, body and spirit.  Both practices work from a platform of integrity, aim to understand, encourage and support clients to find solutions to their problems and to develop self-awareness which often leads to empowerment.

“Self-awareness is a supreme gift, a treasure as precious as life. This is what makes us human” – Yalom

Counselling and psychotherapy need two important individuals who work in collaboration with the other - the client, who is ultimately responsible for their healing, and the therapist, who often becomes a therapist because of their past suffering experiences.

Both individuals have identifiable purposes. The client’s purpose is relieving their varying degrees of distress resulting from an equally varying range of human concerns. The therapist’s purpose is to support clients while they work towards resolving their distress and to help clients achieve growth.

“It is within the interaction between the person of the therapist and the person of the client that change and healing occur”- Watson