What Others Say

"Chris is one of those special people who has the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.  Her gentle, real connection with others, her ability to listen and understand whilst actively guiding each person to develop and achieve their stated goal, has been of great benefit to staff and clients of the Crows Nest Centre.  The opportunity to work with Chris either as a client or colleague is something I highly recommend" - Dianne

"Chris helped us a great deal throughout the last months of my wife's life.  She was our guardian angel during a time when our world fell apart". - Greg

"I was introduced to Chris during a very difficult phase in my life. She helped me immediately to cope with the issues I was facing and more importantly, worked with me to develop a better understanding of myself. Chris is professional, organised...and above all, sensitive and insightful. In addition, Chris also went the extra mile for me on a number of critical occasions, actively supporting and looking out for me during these difficult moments. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone." - Guy

“Thank you VERY much for your help.  I certainly felt very much out of my depth but talking to you and working through everything makes me feel that we can do a lot for Mum” – Geoff

"Chris has the special gift of being with others, providing a very real, non-judgemental and gracious presence for her clients.  Her professional manner and deep regard for the dignity of each person is immediately obvious in the way in which she engages with her clients and families.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as a counsellor/psychotherapist and have done so on a number of occasions.” - Bev

“I always feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues with Chris. She has an awareness of the difficulties facing minority groups and an appreciation of the problems they can face in their relationships with others and in their daily lives.”- Simon

“Having recently experienced depression and anxiety, which was a very difficult time, Chris offered me support, compassion, acceptance and a safe environment for me to express my pain.  I was always met with non-judgment and openness.  Thank you Chris” - Kelly

The above individuals have kindly permitted me to use their comments and names in this site.